Tee times in Portugal: Organizing the perfect golf escapade

Organizing a holiday may leave you in a state of needing one even more than before you started. But this doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve provided you with a compressed checklist so that you can better plan the perfect golf holiday for you and your family.

Booking your flights

This is the first thing to do. Don’t worry about accommodation just yet. You already know the region you are going to; the next logical step is to arrange the flights. Most people also know that booking your flights in advance will save you on the costs. But booking in advance will also save you much frustration later on.

Accommodation points

Here’s a bit of good news and a bit of bad news. The bad news is that many of the large resorts in Portugal are fully booked all year round. This means they are extremely busy—something many holiday makers don’t appreciate.

However, the good news is that Portugal (and especially Algarve) has countless bed and breakfast points run by locals. If you are the down to earth type, you will appreciate the quaint, serene accommodation offered by residents. Not only will you have some optional company, but you will also receive authentic home cooked meals—Portuguese style! This is definitely an option worth considering.

Arranging transport

Once you know where you are staying, you can arrange transport. This will be done according to the golf courses in the region. Make sure you know where—and how far—the golf courses are in relation to your accommodation.

Beware of carrying cash

When travelling through Algarve, don’t carry too much cash. As a precaution, draw cash as you need it or better yet, use a card. Traveller’s checks are also a good option. Cash can be stolen too easily and completely ruin your holiday. Worse yet, worrying about all the cash you are carrying can be a horrible distraction from an otherwise fantastic experience.

Golf courses

There are four major points of consideration when it comes to booking a course.

  • The first is obviously the booking fee. Some are more reasonable than others. Don’t be shy to book a course that isn’t as popular as some others you may have seen on the internet. There are many unsung gems in Algarve that you will enjoy regardless of price.
  • The second thing to consider is the set of rules of the club. Some are very strict and you may want to make sure you are clued up on what’s expected of you.
  • Thirdly, check out the dress code. You don’t want to be forced to forfeit your booking just because you didn’t dress appropriately.
  • Finally, consider the time it will take to complete the course. This way you can plan the rest of that day’s activities.

Negotiate on price

Many people miss out on better deals because they are not willing to negotiate on the price. Don’t be afraid to do so. You can almost certainly get a better deal by simply asking for a small discount on your accommodation, travel or course fees.

Pack everything

Have you ever arrived at your local golf course and found that you forgot something important? A club you needed or perhaps a coat for the rain? If you want your holiday to be perfect, don’t forget to pack all you need. It costs a lot to purchase something at the on-course pro shop.


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